Did you know you may not even be able to purchase Homeowners Insurance?

In California, especially Northern California, the last few years of extreme fires and increased fire risk has caused many companies to stop writing policies in at-risk foothill areas, or pull out of California altogether, making coverage almost impossible. In rural, fire-risk areas, you should know your available options for homeowners insurance before your bid is in place and accepted, locking you into a difficult and expensive situation.

Or …for those looking to compare rates in low-fire-risk areas, companies who no longer write policies within at-risk fire areas have lowered their overall financial risk (policy payouts for losses), and thus, many were forced to lower their annual premiums by the state of California. Lower rates from these companies could benefit your monthly budget.

And finally, are you getting all the discounts that are available from most companies for having home protection systems like security systems or fire alarms? It could mean a premium discount up to 25%!

Mortgage Banker Sean Stanfield (thestanfieldteam.com) interviews Kiyoma L. Yoshizumi – Agency Owner, American National Insurance Company – and brings you up-to-date on ways you can save money without sacrificing great coverage, and avoid learning your new home can’t be insured without paying a heavy price.