“Rosemary possess a truly unique blend of creativity and project management skills. Her gifted pen (or keyboard) allows her to generate top level digital and print content that leaves today’s cliches of often regurgitated web content in the dust, maximizing engagement and moving the needle in client acquisition. She has the personal desire to deeply understand her client’s industry, goals, and growth channels, and the professional ability to maximize opportunities and marketing channels that develop true ROI strategies for her clients. If you work with Rosemary, you’ll be immediately impressed with her attitude and insights, and profoundly rewarded by the results she’ll bring to your project.”

Sean Stanfield, Interactive Manager at LOCALE Magazine


Creative Content and Collateral Materials


How Many Mixed Messages Do Your Collateral Materials Send?messages

We can help you build collateral marketing materials that promote your brand and company mission with a voice that’s consistent across all mediums.

Collateral marketing materials are an important part of business development, each designed to engage consumers and potential clients in ways that most excite and engage their senses.

For some, a brief hand-out, or a more in-depth brochure is the perfect starting gate. Others, preferring more “meat”, will gravitate to case studies or digital media, such as video or power point presentations.

Today’s marketing leaders must be able to provide a plethora of collateral materials in both print and digital format to perspective clients nationwide, and each must build upon the whole.

Want your branding to speak volumes about your company or service, not echo a tired industry line? We can help.


It’s a Digital World

The Internet, being the fastest growing advertising medium, tops all others for interacting with potential clients and consumers.

Digital Media offers vastly increased SEO, especially when linked to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. Need a reason to get started with a social media platform? Create some digital media and let the “friend-ing” begin!

Video on the Move

Digital media is also accessible on virtually every delivery platform; laptop, notebook, tablet and smartphone, reaching your targeted audience where they play, shop, do business and socialize.

Girl On Point, Inc. works with a team of top quality producers, capable of delivering content that will engage your target audience.


Website Design & Content; Being Heard in a Crowded Room

The foundation of any business marketing today begins with a web presence, as consumers have proven a preference for those businesses and products that they can first evaluate at a place and convenience of their choosing; online.

Search engine “crawlers” never sleep, peeking behind the doors of your website 24/7 looking for relevant and new content.
Of course, new and engaging content is only part of the overall equation regarding search ranking, but it’s a vital part.

Ease of navigation is a must, and of course, your site should reflect your brand on every page, but site visitors must also be capable of quickly distinguishing what makes your service or product a leader, better than the other 10+ sites that came up at a glance on GoogleSearch.

In other words, your display of copy, topics, digital media, and graphics tell your visitors a story of knowledge, experience, product line and service commitment. Their emotional buy-in determines the time they spend on your site and the conversion of prospects to clients.

Sight, sound, ease of interaction and contact, and of course, great copy, all play a role in the success of your web presence. It’s about quality of content and how you engage your visitors, not how many pages you have.

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