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General Press, Feature Article
The House That Terror (and Your Tax Dollars) Built;
Senior Neglect and Abuse More the Norm, Not the Exception

The nightmare is real for the defenseless. Tens of thousands suffer physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect. They face life-threatening infection (sepsis) from sores left unattended in a pool of human waste, and are intentionally over-sedated through the use of psychotropic drugs as a means to silence their despair, confusion and agony. In a great many cases, these are the conditions paid for in full by your tax dollars. It is a climate of terror in which institutional administrators and corporate leaders of long-term care facilities (nursing homes) profit enormously, while ignoring federal and state law without shame or fear of prosecution.

Feature Article, Trade Pulication
Emerging Interfaces for Streaming Media
Tim Siglin (Transitions, Inc) and Rosemary Roberts

Streaming media's continued maturity, with better compression and delivery tools, is paralleled at a slightly slower pace by the maturity of user interface designs. Driven by a desire to improve the immersive entertainment experience and a need to meet the customized requirements of particular verticals that are embracing the use of multiple simultaneous streams, companies are increasingly looking for intuitive ways to improve and enhance the user experience.

Feature Article, NAWBO Quarterly Newsletter
When Passion, Not Policy Drive Success & Employee Buy-In

In his most recent book, The 8 th Habit; From Effectiveness to Greatness , best-selling author Stephen Covey examines a growing disconnect between employees (including high level managers) and employers, categorizing an all-to-common management style as paralyzing; one carried over from the Industrial Age resulting in employees and managers being treated less as assets, but rather, more like machines, programmed through impersonal policy and micro-management.

Feature Article, Mercy Checkup Employee Newsletter
In a Heartbeat; A Special Thank You to Forgotten Heroes

For those present, the words of the ER physician to “stop the code” were heavy, sending a numbing sensation racing through the department much like electricity following the path of least resistance. Staff members and other patients were unable to escape the devastation. I watched as the physician defied the words himself, and I realized for him this was especially painful. We all knew that the best of the best was given, and yet it was not enough.

National Domestic Violence Newsletter, Quinlan Publishing
The Process of Policy; Emergency Room Nurses on the Front Lines of Domestic Violence

Webster's New World Dictionary offers, in part, the following definition of the word, process : A continuing development involving many changes . So it has been in California since 1995, when a new law became, in actuality, a process -- one of implementation and education, structure and definition. Title AB890, California's Universal Screening law for Domestic Violence, requires that all healthcare providers implement a screening policy that includes the following ...

Excerpt: Feature Article
Is Your Man Getting “Stoned”?

We've all heard of seat belts, black belts, farm belts, and fan belts, but “stone belts”? Confused? Don't be. It's a well-known, but rarely discussed claim to fame for the state of Tennessee, the West Coast, and spanning the east from Boston to Florida – all hot spots for the formation of kidney stones, that is.

Most stones are forming right now, from June through August, and more than 1.5 million new patients will make their first kidney stone, effecting one out of every ten people. A whopping ten percent of all hospitalizations nationwide will come from patients who suffer with the acute formation of kidney stones, most of whom will be male.

While women have joked over the years about Mother Nature's revenge on men who compare the painful experience of passing a stone to that of childbirth, new studies suggest that the ladies resist that giggle – a 75 percent increase of new patients developing kidney stones reveals that women are catching up to their gender opposites in startling numbers.