A Pinto Is Still A Pinto After A New Paint Job

Advanced media platforms are where customers or potential clients live today. Ignore that and you’ll be forced into the slow lane enduring the dust of your competition speeding by you.

The Setup: A potential client contacts you regarding a re-branding effort, specifically new collateral materials to support their sales department and increase market share. Flash, they believe – as in visually cool brochures, etc., not the software – is key to engaging new potential clients and reviving a struggling campaign.

You perform your due diligence; review their current collateral materials and visit their website to become more familiar with their products and services. For the sake of this article, let’s call it an online directory site.

The Problem: The client’s website is, basically, a web version of a tired print directory, forcing visitors to make far too many clicks in order to view a wider range of information.

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