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The founder of GirlOnPoint, Inc., a creative services firm specializing in custom content for education, advertising/marketing and public relations efforts, Rosemary's experience and voice has long been an advocate for consumers, as well as B2C and B2B communications.

A freelance writer first published in 1993, Rosemary was the writer for "California's Emerging Healthcare Advocate: You!", a consumer's guide to choosing a healthcare plan -- their rights and responsibilities, which won a 2002 Cappi award, honorable mention in the category of Best Public Relations Tool, Brochure.

A three-times published book author for Fair Winds Press, Rosemary is also featured twice in the inspirational anthology, The Miracle of Sons (Penguin Putnam, 2003).

Working along side her father since the age of seven, Rosemary learned the art of consumer choice and the value of quality service, managing seventy retail hosiery accounts after her father fell ill within his distribution company ...all by her junior year in high school .

With over twenty years experience in the medical field as a clinical manager, patient educator, clerical coordinator and creator of policy in the area of patient advocacy – including access programs for the non-English speaking patient and the non-insured, she lent her unique style and communication skills to her role as the producer and host of The Patient's Voice, one of the earliest Internet radio programs centered around today's healthcare consumer.

Her passion as a lecturer to high-risk teens, beginning in the early 80's, and her dedication to the promotion of timely and effective emergency medical information for at-risk individuals and seniors, encompass a career of advocacy dedicated to the inspiration and education of consumers through collaborative efforts within both grassroots America and the corporate world.

With a passion for law, Girl On Point, Inc. has produced legal consumer print, digital, website and marketing content since 2005. Rosemary's vast experience in outreach has aided firms in the practice areas of Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Defective Product, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death, as well as those specializing in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect for which she holds tremendous passion.

Proving that one need not be intimately skilled in the world of high tech to write about it, Rosemary's ability to quickly grasp concepts and product detail has furthered her collaboration with some of the foremost experts in digital media and the encoding industry, such as Transitions,Inc. and MediaExcel, writing white papers, press releases and published articles, typically from the standpoint of the lay reader or marketing department seeking simple-to-understand methodology and product description from otherwise, tech-heavy content.

Partnering with Sub 6 Media, Girl On Point, Inc. offers full-spectrum digital media campaigns, production and delivery, including television and radio (digital and/or terrestrial) purchasing strength nationally.

Through her creative endeavors, Rosemary continues to defy outdated boundaries of communication while redefining communication possibilities for her vast array of clients.

"My style is a lot like my business dress; professional with a little sass tossed in -- enough to make it interesting, engaging and fun."