What's Your Vision?

Whether the subject matter is print media, website design and content development, or exploring the brave (and exciting) world of digital media, all begin with a great vision and an executable plan for a successful campaign.

How you communicate that vision and engage your audience can incorporate a wide range of media and delivery platforms.

We allow you to do what you do best—run your business—knowing that your vision is being carried out by professionals that have a record of proven success.

We look forward to the opportunity to hear your ideas and collaborate on your next great vision!

Rosemary Roberts,
President, Girl On Point, Inc.

Industry Experience

How Many Mixed Messages Does Your Brand Send?

We can help you build online, shareable and collateral marketing content that promote your brand and company's mission with a voice that’s consistent across all mediums.

Working with our top design partners, we'll ensure your brand is represented effectively, uniquely, consistently, and that it all ties together to communicate your strengths and values.

Share To Receive; List Building and Digital Content

Digital Media offers vastly increased SEO, especially when linked to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

Need a reason to get started with a social media platform, or are you looking to improve your current engagement with potential customers? Create digital media that your customers will explore and share!

Website Design; Being Heard in a Crowded Room

Sight, sound, ease of interaction and contact, and of course, great copy, all play a role in the success of your web presence. It’s about quality of content and how you engage your visitors, not how many pages you have.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, Girl On Point, Inc. will help you engage your target audience where and how they live, and how they do business.

About Us

Founder & President Girl On Point, Inc.
Founder & President
Girl On Point, Inc.
The founder of GirlOnPoint, Inc., a creative services firm specializing in custom content for education, advertising/marketing and public relations efforts, Rosemary's experience and voice has long been an advocate for consumers, as well as B2C and B2B communications.

First published in 1993, Rosemary was the writer for California's Emerging Healthcare Advocate: You!, a consumer's guide to choosing a healthcare plan—their rights and responsibilities, which won a 2002 Cappi award, honorable mention in the category of Best Public Relations Tool, Brochure.

A four-times published book author, Rosemary is also the co-author of Healthcare Unhinged; The Making of an Advocate ...the autobiography of one of California's most respected healthcare policy and coalition heroes, Liz Helms (release date: April 2016). As a ghostwriter, her forte is understanding and writing in her subject's voice and heart, capturing the true intent of the project.

A 24-year veteran of clinical healthcare and staunch advocate of civil justice, Rosemary specializes in all aspects of health consumer education and has been writing passionately about nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as personal injury law for over a decade.

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Jim Atkins, Attorney and Executive Director, Santa Cruz Hillel
Jim Atkins Attorney and Executive Director, Santa Cruz Hillel

Rosemary is a pleasure to work with. She is smart, knows her business inside and out and works hard to drive results. Best of all, she made it her business to understand my business before creating a marketing plan. This allowed her to tailor her recommendations in order to get us in front of potential clients. Also, I knew that we were more than just a client to Rosemary that she took the success of our business personally and was committed to being a valued member of the team.

Rosemary possess a truly unique blend of creativity and project management skills. Her gifted pen (or keyboard) allows her to generate top level digital and print content that leaves today’s cliches of often regurgitated web content in the dust, maximizing engagement and moving the needle in client acquisition. She has the personal desire to deeply understand her client’s industry, goals, and growth channels, and the professional ability to maximize opportunities and marketing channels that develop true ROI strategies for her clients. If you work with Rosemary, you’ll be immediately impressed with her attitude and insights, and profoundly rewarded by the results she’ll bring to your project.

Rosemary is one of the most competent creative writers. You only have to explain an issue once and she flies full board. The end result: You get what you asked for the first time, every time and more. She's also the inspirational co-author of my autobiography, Healthcare Unhinged; The Making of an Advocate. I couldn't trust her more, not only with my own life's story, but the many business projects that we collaborate to create.

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